Who We Are

We are a non-stock, non-profit organization which aims to promote excellence in music by supporting programs of St. Scholastica’s College School of Music for the exceptionally gifted youth from all sectors of society, and in doing so, achieve social change.

What We Do

Our Mission is to make excellent music education in St. Scholastica’s College accessible by:

Creating a sustainable scholarship program for the exceptionally gifted in all sectors of society to take up musical studies.

Seeking out music talents from among the youth in the underprivileged sector and from the provinces.

Supporting music outreach programs to enhance skills of the students and music teachers at the grassroots level across the nation.

How We Carry Out Our Mission

Battig Excellence Scholarship

The Foundation’s Academic Scholarship is a program that supports students showing very good potential in music for a partial or full scholarship at the School of Music of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila which was designated by CHED as a “Center of Excellence” in the fields of Performance (Piano, Guitar, Strings and Percussion) and Composition.

 Financial Grantees

Financial grants are given to underprivileged Filipino youth and deserving individuals to pursue a college degree at the School of Music of St. Scholastica’s College or become participants of the Foundation’s outreach training programs.

 Training Programs

The Foundation regularly funds a Music Training Program for public school teachers during the summer months, with the intent of being helpful to the teachers in teaching in their respective formal classes. They are then encouraged to hold music activities after-school or weekends or during summer in their respective communities.

 Community Outreach

The foundation helps in setting up the community music outreach by forging partnerships with the local government unit, non-government organizations, church-based organizations, private entities and/or individual sponsors.

Our Humble Beginnings

The Founding of St. Scholastica’s College School of Music

A year after, St. Scholastica’s College School of Music was founded by Sr. Baptista Battig, OSB and she became the pioneer of music education in the Philippines.

Her curricula became the pattern for music studies for most, if not all, private studios and music schools in the Philippines.

The School of Music produced many piano graduates who all took composition classes under Lucio San Pedro (National Artist).

The students were required to perform their own compositions during their respective recitals.

More course offerings were added and the Sr. Baptista Battig Memorial Scholarship was instituted for deserving students.

The Beginning

In 1906, the first Benedictine Missionary Sisters from Tutzing, Germany arrived in Manila.

Sr. Baptista Battig, an established concert pianist before she entered the order, noting the innate musicality of the Filipinos, started giving lessons almost immediately on a second-hand piano given to the nuns by a friend.

The growth of the school was rapid, particularly after the apostolic delegate gave Sr. Baptista Battig permission to give two public recitals.

These concerts brought fame to Sr. Baptista Battig and, as a result, more students enrolled at St. Scholastica’s College.

A Time of Social and Political Unrest

A new course, Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Education, was offered in order to cater to the demand for well-trained classroom music teachers.

The success of this program meant that graduates were immediately employed the moment they left the school.

The alumnae of the School of Music marshaled themselves into various groups providing scholarships for budding musicians, intent on giving the disadvantaged the benefit of the education that they themselves had.

The Martial Law Years

Sr. Mary Placid Abejo, OSB assumed the deanship after her doctoral studies in the United States in the 70’s.

With missionary zeal, Sr. Mary Placid started an outreach program with the street boys and girls near St. Scholastica’s College, first gathering them for Catechism lessons and then starting them on singing and playing the guitar.

The Rotarians of Bagumbayan discovered what she was doing and the group became a Rondalla that played for the functions of the Rotary Club.

Soon, Sr. Mary Placid and the Rotarians started projects to help the youth in the area through music training, scholarships, feeding programs and livelihood projects.

Most attendees went to college in different schools as scholars by playing in the schools’ bands and finding gainful employment.

Music Outreach Programs

Inspired by the stories of these Benedictine nuns’ efforts to improve the lives of young Filipinos through music, the Sr.Baptista Battig Music Foundation, Inc. was formally established in 1991.

The foundation was to administer music scholarship funds and source outreach programs as well as to establish a legacy and perpetual support for the commitment of the School of Music in spreading excellence in music education and helping deserving Filipino youth to become young musicians.

Philippine Council for NGO Certification

In 2006, the Sr. Baptista Battig Music Foundation, Inc. was accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), making donations to the foundation fully tax-deductible.

PCNC is the mandated accrediting body that recognizes NGO’s (Non- Government Organizations) of “Good Standing” that funding donors may consider in their choice of organizations to support.

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